Project "To Stop Violence..."

Modern  dancer Yulia Melnichuk in Project "To Stop Violence...", which was presented at the UNESCO headquaters in Paris on the 8th of March  in 2013. 

Book "Women of Monaco"

S.A.R. Camilla de Bourbon des Deux-Siciles Duchesse de Castro from the book "Women of Monaco", which was published and presented in Monte-Carlo in 2010

"Wild Nature"

Book "Women of Europe"


Yadviga Adamchik from the book "Women of Europe", which was published in 2010 and presented in Moscow, Minsk, Budapest, Barcelona and Warsaw.

Poject "New Renaissance"


Analogue picture


Barcelona, 2007

Step into the corner, 80's


Villa La Gallina, Florence, Italy, with Femmes Fatales, 2016

On the ruins of castles, Belarus, 2013


Analogue picture

Fire hat, 80's


Alena and Yadviga Adamchyk mother and daughter photographers from Belarus, who organize shootings in many countries and are known for their works in commercial and non-commercial books, projects and exhibitions.  They focus their artistic attention mainly on the beauty of nature and people around them.  

Project "Bielaruski Women of..."