Book 1. "Bielaruski"


“BIELARUSKI”  is the first book of the series of "Women of..." books.

"Bielaruski" is the book, which presents 12 portraits and short stories of the most beautiful women - women of Belarus. These are not only real names, but also images that we created together and which are certainly not related to the cult of militaristic history, vulgar anthropology and souvenir ethnography. Women of Belarus are not imaginary inhabitants of the unknown villages of the God forgotten unknown country. These are really existing personalities.


The images of all my women are so beautiful and tender as they are – BIELARUSKI

Book 2. “Bielaruski – women of Europe”


“BIELARUSKI – WOMEN OF EUROPE” 2006 is the sequel to 2004”s photographic album.

On the 5th of September, in Vilnius, the original was launched with the assistance of the Ford model agency. Guests from all over the world were able to view the book. This thirteen portraits and stories of amazing women. They are all very different but have one thing in common – they are women of Europe.

Book 3. “Bielaruski – women of Europe”


This book is the third in the BIELARUSKI - WOMEN OF EUROPE series, featuring twelve portraits of beautiful women whom I've met by chance. It is devoted to travel.  'Months and days are travellers of eternity; successive years are strangers' wrote the great Matsuo Basho (translated by Vera Markova, who was born in Belarus, while living and working in Moscow).  

... Alena, Victoria, Katarina, Vika and Olya, too, were born in Belarus. Victoria now lives in Paris. Belarusian Inna and French Sandrine live in Monte-Carlo. Katarina. Alena and Vika live in Minsk. Belarussian Galya lives in Dubai, working in Moscow and Geneva and studying in London. Olga's House is in Chicago and British Wendy currently lives in Washington. Belarussian Nata lives in London. Asta was born in the small Lithuanian town of Jonava before moving to Vilnius ...  

Where will elegant Victoria live tomorrow…… and dreamy Katarina and sweet Wendy? Which new cities and adventures await my favourite artistic heroines? Their new stories and pictures await my fourth book.

"Women of ... " are the original perfectly illustrated books of the excellent quality. These are book albums with portraits of heroines created in the most magnificent cities of the world and impressive interiors. These books are true stories and unforgettable images that we created together with participants of this unusual project, which is already known not only in Europe. These books will be a wonderful heritage for our descendants. This project is the first of all a beautiful human adventure, a wholehearted gift from all those women with so many personalities.

Book 4. “Bielaruski – women of Europe”

This book is the fourth in the Bielaruski—Women of Europe series devoted to the culture and nature of Europe. Its twelve characters are twelve beautiful heroines, who represent European life and its traditions and, of course, its future!


Book 5. “women of Monaco”

“Alena Adamchyk, famous Belarusian photographer, often staying in the Principality of Monaco, has chosen the women residing there as subjects of her work, putting under the spotlight one association “l’Association Mondiale des Amis de l’Enfance” founded in 1963 by H.S.H. Princess Grace of Monaco.

She thereby chose to show a different Monaco, through the women living there. Real mirrors of Monaco life, those women are of different nationalities, some are famous, others more anonymous. However, they have all accepted to pose for her lens in order to support and help A.M.A.D.E-Monaco .

I therefore wish a total success to this beautiful initiative”.
H.R.H. Carolina, Princess of Hanover.



Book 6. “women of Beirut”

This book is the 6th of the “Women of” series, which generally draws the portrait of women according to their living places.

But those very protagonists make the book interesting not only in Lebanon and in the Middle East, but in Europe. 

While being working in Monte-Carlo on my book “Women of Monaco”, I met many very nice Lebanese people. And now after my visit to Lebanon I fall in love not only with the women I met there, but also with this magnificent country! 


Book 7. “Diamonds of Belarus”

"Diamonds of Belarus" continues the  "Women of … " series, which began ten years ago, with the book "Bielaruski". Over the years, I've met so many wonderful people, in different countries. Their stories and experiences have filled the pages of "Women of Europe", "Women of Monaco" and "Women of Beirut". However, I once more return here to Belarus, where the most beautiful and outstanding women have inspired me again.

The heroines within these pages, amazing and versatile, shine as brightly as the diamonds which adorn them, sharing not only stories of creating a family and realizing their dreams but advice on how to ensure contentment and inner peace.



Book 8. “She is nature”


This book is dedicated to the women, who have made a significant contribution to environmental protection and have been dealing with environmental activities in various fields up to the current moment.

They explore the flora and fauna, protect  swamps and trees, promote ecological approach in various spheres of life, they grow "organic" food, teach children to be responsible consumers, take strategic decisions at a high level.